Reviews of 24Option Broker


The 24Option trades on the Tech Financials platform. These options have the most currency pairs that are available for trading. With 24Option, traders have had over 100 assets and pairs of currency to trade with the binary options. They have also become one of the most popular brokers in the whole world. This is because of the many deposit actions that they have. The use of Skrill, Sofort, Qiwi, Webmoney, AstroPay, and many other payment options are being used by most of the international traders. The maximum trade size in the 24Option has been upgraded to $100,000 per trade while their minimum trade amount is $24. The minimum amount is $250.


Examples of 24Option Brokers

You may be having an account with 24Option and still looking for another broker to do the trading with. Here are some of the brokers with their reviews you can consider.

Stock Indicators with 3D Market Graph and Bar Graphs

Top Option Platform

The trading platform used here is a powerful Keystone. The number of assets to trade is 180 with some of the most popular commodities, stocks, indices, Bitcoin and currency pairs included. There are many unique assets that they offer that many brokers do not provide. These unique assets include Israel Shekel, Brent Oil, Turkish Lira, US Treasury Bonds and much more. The types of binary options here include the Classic Option, One Touch Binary Options, 60 Second Options, Option Builder, and Pro Option. The tools offered here include Roll Over, Double Up, History Graph, Sell Option, Trade Confirmation and the Stock Pairs. In October 2015, the returns have raised the returns on the touch options to 250% from first return of 85% (returns on EUR/USD). For the new trading options, the minimum deposit is only $100.


Banc de Binary

This is one of the original binary options. It was founded in the year 2010. The owner of these options is the Banc De Binary Ltd, which is located at Kanika International Business Centre in 4Prifiti Ilia Street office number 401. They can be reached by phone: +44 207 099 2097 in the UK or on e-mail: [email protected]. Banc De Binary has created new promotions and special offers due to the recent improvements and upgrades made on their website. They also use the common SpotOption trading platform. This option offers 30-second options, 60-second options, ladders and many more types of options. For new accounts at this binary option is $250 and a minimum trade size is $1.

HighLow Review

This Binary Options Broker is owned by HighLow Markets Pty Ltd. They are located in Australia at Level 14 in Macquarie House, 167 Macquarie Street, Sydney. You can reach them by phone: 1300 168 668 or through e-mail: [email protected]. This binary option also uses MarketPulse trading platform. They have their website also in Japanese and English. Among the few binary options brokers, they allow traders to open a separate demo account alongside their live trading account. The minimum trade size here is $10 and they offer naturally high low options together with Range, On Demand and Short Term Options. Many of the options here provide a payout of 200%. The traders here have more than 80 assets. For new accounts, the minimum deposit is $10 AUD/$50 USD.

Those are some of the 24Option Brokers you can choose for your trading.




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Binary options related scams

  During the last decade, trading binary options has become a very popular and widespread method of online trading. It was officially recognized in 2008, and the number of online brokers, binary bots, signals, and of course – the traders – is constantly on the rise. Proportionally with them, there is also an increase in the number of scams related to binary options. Some of them are easy to spot, some are not, but here are some guidelines on recognizing and avoiding binary options related scams.


                First of all, the very broker can be a scam, and fraudulent brokers operate in several ways. It is possible that you register with the broker, place your funds and trade without any problems, and once you decide to withdraw your money – you will be unable to do so and your account may be impossible to access or even fully deleted. Fortunately, this kind of scam is not so common anymore, since the word spreads very quickly and these fake brokers get shut down in a very short time. 419138-how-to-report-internet-fraud-810Another kind of broker-related scam is the one where the broker changes the payout rate on the same types of options. They usually do it when they need more money, or to level out with the rest of the trading community. It is not so easy to spot these changes, especially if you execute many trades daily. But if you have more accounts with different brokers, you will have a chance to compare the prices and payouts, so you can be aware of the situations when the particular broker changes their payout rates.

                Another kind of scam can also be related with brokers, but it depends on the human factor. Many scam brokers offer a “trading expert” who are supposed to guide you and help you trade, while they will actually only force you to invest more money in your trades, and you are most likely to lose it. It is even worse if you encounter an individual who claims to be a trading expert, who offers “a system” for you to earn huge amounts of money in no time if you pay him a certain sum. Of course, these scams are easy to spot, and make sure to avoid any “secret systems” for earning money, since there really is no such thing. Read more about unreliable robots and learn to make difference between scammers and good binary platforms such as TropicalTradeBinary-option-Scams

                The last type of scam to mention here is hidden in binary options robots, or automated trading systems. If you decide to choose a binary option robot to execute the trade on your behalf, it is important to choose the one with high (but not unrealistic) percentage of accuracy.  If the binary bot offers accuracy higher than 90%, it is most likely a scam, which will lose all your trades and take your money.

                Avoiding a scam can be tricky, but it is important that you pay attention to any suspicious detail you encounter and explore it further. Reading reviews, forums and other traders’ comments may help a lot, since it will give you recommendations and an insight into the scams you may encounter on your way towards becoming a binary trader.

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Binary options bonuses

Binary options is a popular method of trading, both because of its simplicity and the fact that the earnings and the losses are precisely defined and predetermined for each trade, which is not the case  with other methods of trading. If you want to know more about method that makes this kind of trading easier read binary option robot review. With binary options, you know exactly which amount of money you can win or lose with each trade, and there are no unexpected surprises. The payout you get with winning trades is usually around 80% of the initial investment (but it can range from 70% to 91%). In addition to the payout, there are also bonuses, which are offered by almost every broker there is.

The bonuses which are most commonly rewarded are those which the broker gives to every new user upon creating an account and placing the initial deposit. This welcome bonus usually ranges from 25% to 50% of the initial deposit, which means that, if you deposit $200, you will have $300 on your account if the bonus is 50%. Some brokers even offer a 100% welcome bonus, which means that the funds on your account will double after the first deposit. The reason for the broker to give bonuses is to increase the trader’s capacity to trade in the market. If the trader has more money to invest, he is likely to trade more and longer, and therefore create a richer trading portfolio, but also provide the broker with more commission, which is sort of a win-win situation for both the broker and the trader.

Every broker should have the types and the amounts of bonuses they give stated on the website, since it is one of the ways to attract new traders. Also, any review you read about a particular broker will mention the bonuses among other features, so it is easy to find the broker with the highest bonus amount.

However, what some reviews will not mention is that the bonuses awarded by most of the brokers usually require you to commit to trading for a certain period of time, in case you accept the bonus. This is why you need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and not to rush in with accepting a tempting bonus offered to you by the broker. The good thing is that you can actually choose whether you want to use the bonus or not. If you do not feel like trading with the particular broker just yet, but you only want to try the demo account or test the platform, it is probably a better option not to take the bonus. On the other hand, there are some brokers which offer a great feature of dividing the account of your deposit with the one intended for the bonus, such as Stockpair. This is a very useful feature, because this way you can take the bonus and it will not be added up with your deposit, but on a separate account. This means that you can trade as much as you want, and if you want to cancel the account, you can do so at any time – you withdraw your deposit, and the broker takes their bonus back.

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Cherry Trade review

Cherry Trade is a binary options broker established 2013 in Gibraltar. Not long after they were founded, they have become a favorite broker of many traders, and recommended by many reviews and connected with most of the binary robot providers. They offer a wide range of features, assets and different types of options, which guarantee that every trader will be able to execute the trades in the way he prefers. They operate on SpotOption’s V2 platform, regulated by CySEC, and they also offer a mobile platform for Android and iOS.

Account types – Cherry Trade offers five account types: Basic, Professional, Expert, VIP and Corporate. Depending on the amount of money you would like to deposit and invest, you will be able to choose a deposit amount from minimum $200 for the Basic account, and up to $25,000 for the VIP.

Financial matters – payout rate offered by Cherry Trade can go as high as 81%, depending on the type of the options you choose, and there is also up to 15% return for the losing trades. Minimum deposit is quite low, $200 (as mentioned above), which allows even the beginners to sign up for an account with this broker. Minimum trading amount is $5 for 60 Second options and $20 for all other types of options. It is possible to make deposit in five currencies – USD, EUR, AUD, CAD and GBP, and the minimum deposit, as well as the bonuses, will be expressed in the currency units of the trader. It is possible to deposit and withdraw money through all the major credit and debit card, wire transfer, but also Moneybookers, eWallet and CashU.

Assets and types of options – when it comes to the number of assets, there are brokers with a higher offer than Cherry Trade, like Boss Capital. They offer only 55 assets at this moment, but hopefully the assets will rise in number as the time goes by. They offer, however, a wide range of different options: you can choose to trade standard Call/Put options, One Touch, 30 or 60 Second options, Long Term options, Pair options and Ladder options. With all these different types of options, the relatively low number of assets may not be a problem at all.

Cherry Trade Binary Options Review

Education – in addition to all the features mentioned above, Cherry Trade also offers an extensive Education section, with some of the features available to all the visitors of the website, and some accessible only for those who have registered as traders. Introduction Video Library is available to everyone who visits the website, as well as some of the videos from Video Training Courses. Advanced Course, e-book and Site Tutorial are available free of charge as well, but only to those who create an account with Cherry Trade.

In addition to all of the above, this broker provides 24/7 customer service, who is available for all the questions you might have. You will also be able to access market news and analysis, which will make your trading more successful and help you stay informed and aware of all the market changes and trends.

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Binary options deposit methods

Trading binary options is a very widespread concept of online trading and there are many brokers who offer trading platforms with a wide range of other benefits. When choosing a binary options brokers, it is important to pay attention to many aspects, in order to make sure that it is not a scam: whether it has a valid license or not, what are the bonuses, payout and return rates; which assets are possible to trade, which types of options are available and many more. My advice would be to go with checked and reliable broker such as Boss Capital.

One of the very important aspects to pay attention to is the deposit and withdrawal policy, which should be stated in Terms and Conditions section of the broker’s website. This includes not only the amount of time needed for withdrawal, but also the methods in which the deposit or withdrawal can be performed. Some of the best binary  options brokers allow not only deposits through credit or debit card, but they also include a wide range of credit cards possible to use, as well as wire transfer and third-party money services like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and others. No matter your preferred method of payment, you should be able to deposit the money without any trouble on your binary broker’s account.

If you decide to use a credit or debit card, be certain that it is certainly the most common and most accepted method of payment, probably also the easiest one. If you use a card like Mastercard or Visa, which are used and accepted all around the world, you should have no problems whatsoever when it comes to placing funds onto your account. However, if you use a less popular card, you should check whether the broker of your choice accepts it. In addition, you need to double-check the broker you want to trade with, because credit card details are not something you would share with just anyone. If you do not choose a reliable broker, you might get cheated and lose all the money from your credit card.

Most of the brokers also offer a wire transfer, despite this method being a bit obsolete. The reason is probably the one that most of the traders trust this depositing method the most, since it is reliable and reduces the possibility of being cheated. On the other hand, this method is very slow, and it can take up to a week for the money to be placed on your account. Since the speed is very important when trading binary options, maybe it is a better solution to choose some other method of deposit.

Finally, many brokers of today offer transactions through third-party money services, or “eWallets”. Having recognized that this method of depositing is rapidly increasing in popularity, all of the best and the most popular brokers started offering the service of funding your account through some of these services. The minus side is that they often require some additional fees and costs for both the trader and the broker. However, since most people find it convenient to use these eWallets instead of other methods of payment for various purposes, they are becoming more and more available with binary options brokers as well.

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CTOption review

Trading binary options has become a very widespread method of trade ever since it was officially recognized in 2008. Not only that there are many binary options brokers offering trading platforms and other services, but there are also numerous inventions to facilitate the trading even for utter laymen, such as binary options signals and binary options robots. No matter if you are beginner or a professional in trading binary options, it is essential that you choose a reliable binary options broker, which will not take your deposit and earnings and make you lose more than you earn.

One of the binary brokers to choose is certainly CTOption. They are established in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with another office in London, UK. In addition to offering many favorable features to the traders, another very positive side of this broker is that they allow traders from the USA. As a matter of fact, this broker allows traders from over 90 countries all over the world, which makes it one of the brokers with the trading platform available to the traders from the highest number of countries.

CTOption uses Panda TS / MT4 trading platform, which is among the leading and the fastest trading platforms on the market. In addition to PC platform, they also offer a very comprehensive and fast-responsive mobile platform, available for both Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to the conditions offered by this broker, they are also on a very high level. Firstly, the number of assets possible to trade is over 140, which means that every trader will be able to trade the assets he prefers. Secondly, the payout rate is approximately 80%, while with some trades it can get as high as 91%. Lastly, every trader, upon creating any of the accounts offered, gets a welcome bonus. The money can be deposited and withdrawn in many ways – other than using credit/debit card or wire transfer, you will also be able to perform all transactions through the services like WebMoney, CashU, Neosurf, MoneyBookers and more.

The account types available are Mini, Standard and Executive, with minimum deposit of $250 for Mini account, which is a standard value for most of the binary options brokers. What is more, Islamic accounts are also available, which are in compliance with Sharia law. No additional fees are applicable for these accounts, and there are no hidden fees either. Free Demo account is also available, so that every trader can try out the platform before deciding whether to trade with this broker. It is possible to choose among the range of different types of options trading, such as Call/Put, One-Touch, Range, and Hyper (Turbo) options.

Lastly, this broker offers a rich Education section, available to all the website visitors, with lots of useful learning materials free of charge.

All in all, this broker is suitable for all types of traders – beginners or professionals, since it offers a wide range of alternatives, many types of options and many assets, in addition to high payouts and favorable conditions for the traders from many countries all over the world.

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